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Princeton Partners International

Custom Diplomas with Your Name

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Princeton Partners are degree and diploma printers.

We can print any diploma you like with the details that you give us. We are good at what we do and can make the most regal and beautifully detailed diplomas that money can buy.

Princeton Partners have the advanced equipment and expertise on our side in order to be able to make complex embossed seals with any logo design, and even custom holograms, etc. and other security features.

We have templates for most well know universities and have curriculum and course information to populate novelty custom transcripts.

We have subject data bachelor degrees, masters degrees and Doctorates (PhD)

We make the best and most elaborate custom diplomas and transcripts for self esteem, movie productions, decoration, or any other lawful purposes.

We are able to effectively age our replicas to match any year of issue, which makes our replicas look absolutely realistic. This is something no one else is able to offer at this time for the general public.

Museums commission our reproduction and restoration works.

We have been in business for many years and have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Please read our Testimonials section.

If what you are looking for is a perfect reproduction for lawful use, then look through our website and order whatever you need from us.

We are the best at what we do.


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The term "fake diploma"("fake diplomas", "fake degrees", Fake certificates" or "fake college degrees") usually refers to a cheap mockery of an original diploma. however, "replica certificates" ("replica diplomas", "replica degrees certificates", etc.) are perfect reproductions (replicas) of original diplomas degrees, or certificates that are very hard to tell from the originals. These are often needed by actual graduates, to replace originals that they earned with their hard work a long time ago, and which are no longer available due to some fire, flood, divorce or catastrophe in their lives. This might under the right circumstances be a legitimate use, and so long as they tell people that our replica is a replica of the original they lost, Princeton Partners do not think this would be an illegitimate use. however Princeton Partners are not lawyers so Princeton Partners advise you to get competent legal advice for your area. Other legitimate uses are decoration in your private home, for self esteem purposes, as a prank or a joke, exhibits in a museum or public display of historical events where a reproduction might be needed, and theatrical use. You can't just "buy a degree" (i.e. search Google for "buy degree", "fast degrees", "instant degree", etc, then click "done"! and you have a license to apply for a job), you have to earn it, but you can buy diploma replicas for self esteem or buy replica GCSE certificates as a novelty. Princeton Partners are not a diploma mill, and Princeton Partners will not sell you a life experience degree. Princeton Partners also design and print novelty degrees such as Online music degrees, Online bachelor degrees and Online masters degrees) for self esteem, but never to be used as being real. Our replicas can only be made for legitimate uses, and although Princeton Partners can not police our clients, Princeton Partners make all of our replicas under this condition, and by ordering from us, you declare under the penalty of perjury that you will not put one of our replicas to unlawful use of any kind. Please do not ask us to break the law because Princeton Partners will not do it. Like I said earlier, if you have any doubts over the legality of whatever you are trying to get, don't ask us because Princeton Partners are not qualified to give legal advice. Therefore, for legal issues and questions of legality, Princeton Partners advise you to get competent legal advice for your area.

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Please note that in the case of a Reproduction Document, for all the closeness to the real thing this is still a fake/bogus/replica/facsimile/reproduction document/diploma/replica transcript/certificate/etc. and is not to be used in the real world for any unlawful purpose. When you order this item, you agree to abide by this condition.