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Contact & Ordering Procedure

The way to contact us initially is to click below send an email 24 hours a day

Some people would like to visit our offices, however, we are not geared up for visitors. Our offices are mainly "think tanks" and all our artworks are confidential, where samples of our work belong to the clients that we are working for at the time, and security is paramount.

Princeton Partners used to have telephone support, but due to the world wide nature of our market it is hard to keep up with all the timezones, so what we now have is a callback service (where required) after we have had a chance to give you a quote and you have completed an application form, otherwise all communications are done via email.

The ordering procedure is quite simple. These are the steps that define the whole project:

1. You tell us what you need and we give you a quote.

2. If our services and quote suits your needs and wish to place an order, just let us know and and a member from our team will send you an application/order form to complete.

3. You complete and return the form and we review it.

4. A member of our then calls you on the phone if you need someone to talk to and answer any questions you may still have, then refers the processed application back to the person that was dealing with your email inquiry.

5. You are given banking details to make the necessary payment.

6. When your payment clears, we send you a special form to confirm the dates and details for your replica.

7. The work starts, and a few days later you get a draft of the part finished work for proofreading and approval.

8. When everything is correct as instructed and you approve the draft, we finish the original and ship out.

This may sound like a lot of steps, but we need to be thorough. Most of the projects we handle are quite complex, where clear communication and complete understanding is key. It doesn't have to take very long. We have sometimes completed the entire procedure in as little as 45 minutes..

At the end of the day, we want you to fell well taken care of and that your requirements have been fully addressed. That is our goal.

You can email us at Service@Princetonpartners.co.uk

Please note that in the case of a Reproduction Document, for all the closeness to the real thing this is still a fake/bogus/replica/facsimile/reproduction document/diploma/replica transcript/certificate/etc. and is not to be used in the real world for any unlawful purpose. When you order this item, you agree to abide by this condition.