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This simplest thing is for you to email us and let us give you a quote for what you
need. Please keep in mind that we have several levels of replica so we always have something to suit a particular budget. The most accurate is the top level or "Level 3" with the "EC Series" being the most affordable.

The differences between the levels are mainly the level of detail in the embossed seals, sizes and types of fonts used, dimensions of the replica, quality of paper, level of detail, watermarks, etc. Please understand that degree diplomas, transcripts and certificates change over time, and a template is typically a pattern that was used at a particular point in time, and may not necessarily be the correct model for a particular year. Most people don't know this, and probably neither will the person that you show your replica to.

The EC Series is a perfectly good general purpose replica that you can see in many movies, and while it is not museum quality, it will fool most of the people most of the time, and only about 5% of the people that you show it to will tell you with certainty that it is a fake degree and not the genuine article. Nobody watching movie says: "Hey, that degree is fake!".

The Level 1 Replica costs a little bit more and consequently is more accurate with a greater level of detail, and only about 3% of the people that you show it to will tell you with certainty that it is a fake degree diploma.

The Level 2 Replica is more accurate still and only about 1% to 2% of the people that you show it to will tell you with any level of certainty that it is a fake degree diploma.

The Level 3 Replica is made using an extraordinarily close template that was usually generated from am original, or even made from an original that we have here at our offices. These are 100% replicas that would need Forensics to determine with any degree of certainty that that are anything other than absolutely genuine. They are to all effects and purposes 100% replicas. Perfect down to detail, nobody would tell you that your degree is fake. Most of our clients choose the Level 3 over all the others, but it is not a cheap option. A very good option to add to your project if the funds permit it is to add "aging" to your replica if it is over 5 to 10 years old or older. Aging adds that extra bit of unspoken bit of "evidence" that your diploma is genuine and has "stood the test of time" Age has it's beauty, so if you can afford it, then go for it. You won't regret it.

Now that you have most of the facts and know the difference between the levels of replica and other services that we offer, just email one of our agents and tell them what you need. It will usually just be the sum of the cost of the diploma, plus a digital preview, plus aging if needed, plus shipping. It's usually as simple as that..


Please note that in the case of a Reproduction Document, for all the closeness to the real thing this is still a fake/bogus/replica/facsimile/reproduction document/diploma/replica transcript/certificate/etc. and is not to be used in the real world for any unlawful purpose. When you order this item, you agree to abide by this condition.