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The Aging Process

Princeton Partners have now been offering our proprietary Document Aging Process Option to our customers for over 8 years and are now recommending it as standard practice on all of our complete packages.

This is a must for any replica documents that are 10 years old or more.

It makes a huge difference to the finished product. The "straight off the press" look is not appropriate for a 10 or 20 year old document replica because it looks suspicious no matter how perfect the printing may be. An old replica needs to have that "venerable look" that comes with use and the passage of time.

Our proprietary aging process is now a 3 Stage Process:

1-  Chemical process involving different formulas to oxidize the Carbon content of the fiber.

2-  Controlled mechanical wear and tear to mimic moderate handling over the years.

3-  Measured amounts of UV exposure treatment.

The aging process usually takes between 48 and 200 hours depending on the amount of aging, and will age a document anything from about 1 year to about 40 years or more.

There is a very big difference between and aged document and one that is fresh from the press. The older document always looks more genuine due to the apparent passage of time. Time heals all Below, you can see the affects of some 20 or 30 years of aging. The document below was aged for a client and he was very pleased with the result. He allowed us to use this image on our website.


Technically speaking, Princeton Partners can do absolutely anything for lawful purposes, which give us a lot of flexibility when to comes to making a good replica diploma or a replica of an old lost or destroyed document.

What you see below is the same diploma shown above at an earlier stage of the process. The photo below shows 2 years of aging.


Princeton Partners offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet, or in fact, anywhere else! We can make you a perfect replica Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. degree diploma and transcript whether you have us age it or not.

Princeton Partners offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet. Our self esteem credentials are very accurate and second to none. They really look the part.

You may certainly find cheaper "fake degrees and fake transcripts" on the web but you will be losing out if you don't have us make you a fine replica instead of a cheap fake. We at Princeton Partners are the best at what we do. Nobody to this day is able to age their replicas for the general public as far as we are aware.

Princeton Partners have access to thousands of documents that can be customized to your needs. You can get whatever you need from us so long as it is not destined to be used to break the law of any country.

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Please note that in the case of a Reproduction Document, for all the closeness to the real thing this is still a fake/bogus/replica/facsimile/reproduction document/diploma/replica transcript/certificate/etc. and is not to be used in the real world for any unlawful purpose. When you order this item, you agree to abide by this condition.