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About Princeton Partners

Princeton Partners is composed of an excellent multicultural team of professionals in the fields of Graphics, document preparation, Chemistry, Computers and other academic fields.

Princeton Partners are incredibly good at what Princeton Partners do. however...

For all of our accuracy and closeness to the genuine article, these diplomas and other credentials are not real and  are sold solely as a novelty or as theatrical/movie props  and Princeton Partners neither encourage or condone their miss-use. Therefore Princeton Partners do not assume any responsibility arising from the use of these items for improper purposes.

All Our Certificates are intended for museum exhibition, movie props, decoration and self esteem purposes only. They make a beautiful addition to your home decor and or office and must never be used for fraudulent purposes.


Please note that in the case of a Reproduction Document, for all the closeness to the real thing this is still a fake/bogus/replica/facsimile/reproduction document/diploma/replica transcript/certificate/etc. and is not to be used in the real world for any unlawful purpose. When you order this item, you agree to abide by this condition.