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Bienvenidos a nuestra pagina de lo que dicen nuestros clientes:

Estimados señores clientes,

En esta pagina publicames lo que nos hand dicho nuestros clientes, que han sido muy amables y nos han dado su opinion. Hemos omitido sus nombres para preserbar su privacia, pero la intencion es lo que cuenta.

Gracias a todos vds. que nos han ayudado a estar donde estamos hoy y sin cuya ayuda, Princeton Partners no tendria el exito que tiene.

Un Saludo.
Princeton Partners


Hello Jim,

Hope you're doing Princeton Partnersll. I'm very excited to tell you that I recently received my document and it looks fantastic. Ironically I received it the day after I received my actual original parchment and they both look exactly the same. There was a difference in the signatures, but that is not a big deal and I'm not worried about that. I just wanted to thank you for all the effort and time you put into this and for responding to my numerous questions promptly, when I'm sure you had other orders/customers to take care of.

The replica is as you said 99% perfect and if I hadn't also received the real original around the same time, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. The seal, the logo and the wording is exact and I doubt anyone other than myself would be able to recognize the signatures anyway. The plus side is now I have a backup copy should anything happen to the original. But rest assured, should I need any other work done anytime in the future, I have no need to do research in finding the best people to assign the work to as you guys did a great job. I will likely be in touch with you in the next month or so for some help with the associated replica transcripts. It might have been cheaper to do the two together, but I don't anticipate finances to be an issue at that time and I'm confident I'll get the best for the price you quote.

Thanks to the entire team and the skeleton crew in your locations in the UK/Spain.

If you would like to use any part of my email as a testimonial etc on your website feel free to do so. You've been true to your word and delivered a top quality product and also I appreciate your efforts to help save me some money in the early process of placing the order. I definitely got what I paid for and more.

So, thank you once again for all the help, Answers and most importantly a classy end product that makes me very happy and satisfied to have done business with you.

Many of your competitors have error filled websites and their testimonials seem either amateurish or self created. Most testimonials have generic pictures and hardly convince. While your testimonial page is much more professional an doesn't go overboard trying to convince, it sounds more realistic. If you would like me to write a product review etc., please let me know.

Of course I will only have good things to say and if it helps you guys in the long run, then that can only be good.

Thanks and regards, AK, Canada


Thank you so much, I recieved it, really happy and hoping to put in another order with you and this time pay up front in full. Is your machine back up and running o.k now?

Thanks again Olivia, Princeton Partnersst Sussex UK


Hi Jim

My certificate arrived this morning. I am very very pleased with it. It is excellent work and I could not have hoped for more.

The quality is first rate, the accuracy 100%, and the aging process authentic. It looks just like the one I lost through moving so many times. And as I told you, in the UK, you cannot qualify for replacement certificates unless they have been destroyed by flood or fire! You only get a replica transcript. It is great to actually have a certificate again for my own personal use.

Please forward my thanks to your team for a job Princeton Partnersll done. I will refer any potential clients to you for future business, and of course will have you first in mind if I require you for any future projects.

I put my trust in you and was rewarded for it. Thank you for being a gentleman and keeping your word and delivering such great work.

With gratitude

Matt, UK


Hello, I recieved all the documents, really great work!!! Thank so much for all! :-)

Kind Regard, Edith, Haslen, Switzerland

Dear Princeton Partners,

I recieved all the documents, really great work!!! Thank so much for all! :-)

Kind Regards Ed, Haslen, Switzerland

Hi, Recibí los documenos... Genial! El trabajo es excelente

Muchas gracias

Arturo, Spain

P. S. Es posible que te vuelva a encargar mas trabajos

Dear Princeton Partners,

Firstly i would like to say thank you sooo much for delivering such an excellent product and so promptly as Princeton Partnersll. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into providing this service, and would also like to show my appreciation for showing excellent customer service and meeting and exceeding my deadline expectations.

You have produced a fantastic replica certificate, which is top quality and has met and gone beyond my expectations. I can speak nothing but kind words of both yourself and your company... Great customer service, Always available to speak to, Fast and very very effective results! what more could you ask of a company? if only all businesses Princeton Partnersre like yours. Many Thanks again,

I cannot stress how much i appreciate everything you have done to get this scan to me in time.

Lee, UK


I have received my certificate. It's a job very Princeton Partnersll done. I would like to thank you for your time and patience, putting up with all my emails. If you could thank everyone involved for all their efforts. Once again, thank you very much. Kind Regards

John Mxxxxx, UK

Hi Jim,

Just to let you know everything received safe and sound, collected the doc's last night... Real nice job, they look very good indeed...very pleased with the results...will make recommendations to friends etc if they need anything done... many thanks

Steve, UK

Dear Princeton Partners,

This is to confirm I now have the certificate and replica transcript and all's in order. Man thanks once again and should anyone require similar work done I'll be sure to recommend you and should I require further work then rest assured I'll be back. In the meantime, take care,

Paul, Dubai

Hi Jim

The certificates have arrived and they are outstanding. I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional standard of your work. Your customer service throughout the whole process has been extremely helpful and I would have no hesitation in using your services in the future.

Warm regards K.F. Australia

26 de abril 2008
Gracias por todo. Me ajudaron vds. muchisimo. Raja (Kingston, Londres)

24 de abril 2008
Acabo de recibir el diploma que he hicieron como reemplazo del que se me perdio. Gracias a totod por su ayuda. Sherry (Stratford Upon Avon, Inglaterra)

24 de abril 2008
Vds. soys tremendamente buenos. Otras companias me timaron pero vds. hicieron que todo mereciera la pena al final. (Forrest gate, Londres, Inglaterra)

24 de abril 2008
Hola Jim, acabo de recibir mi pedido y esta perfecto! Vds. hicieron un trabajo especatcular. Gracias de nuevo, Doug.

10 de abril 2008
Un buen cliente nuestro y amigo insistio en que publicasemos esta carta que nos mado. Aqui esta en todo su esplendor:

"A quien le pueda concernir, recientemente, un medico amigo mio que ejerce in Nueva York, me introdujo a Princeton Partners porque estaba tratando de encontrar a alguien que me pudiera reproducir unos documentos universitarios de la universidad de California donde atendi hace unos años.

Al principio tenia poca confianza como es normal, pues habie hecho contacto con otras empresas que me prometieron resultados y acabaron cumpliendo con su palabra.

Desde el principio, me puse en contacto con el Sr. Blake, que fue todo un señor conmigo y me enseno todo el proceso y alqunos especimenes de su trabajo. Su cominicacion fue excelente y pronto me di cuenta de que staba cumpliendo su palabra poco a poco hasta con los detalles pequeños.

Tengo que decir de todo corazon, que el Sr. Blake cuplio su palabra hasta el final, incluso cuando el projecto parecia complicado y casi imposible para mi. En mi opinion, son los mejores en el mercado y recomedaria sus servicios a qualquiera que este en mi posicion.

Tengo muchos amigos escolares y profesionales que quisieran reconstruciones de sus viejos diplomas o que los perdieron en mudanzas y no dudare en recomendarles a Princeton Partners.

No solo creo que mi dinero fue bien empleado, pero siento como si he encontrado un nuevo amigo en Jim Blake de Princeton Partners.

Un Abrazo y Gran Saludo

Sinceramente, Robert Padula"

8 de abril 2008
Hola Jim, Acabo de recibir la "obra maestra" que me vds. hicieron esta manaña antes de marcharme de viaje. Estoy totalment entusiasmado con el resultado de su trabajo, y si vds. necesitan alguna referencia para su negocio, estaria dispuesto ha dar mi testimonio osi queren publiquen esta carta. Muchas Gracias, Eduardo

5 de abril 2008
Se que trabajan con mucha gente y que estan muy atareados, pero quiero que sepan que agradeci muchisimo el esfurzo, el foco y excelente atencion al clienteo que me ofrecieron a mi personalmente durante este projecto.. :-) De nuevo les doy las gracias. B.P.

31 de marzo 2008
Los documentos llegaron hoy y todo ha sido exactamente como me prometieron. Estan PERFECTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! No se ni como empezar a expresar la alegria que me entro al verlos. Otra vez, Gracias... Profesional y Perfecto, asi come me prometieron!!! Un Cordialisimo saludo, J.H.

23 de marzo 2008
Acabo de volver de Tennesee donde recogi los duplicados. Estan perfectos. Estoy satisfecho con la calidad y apariencia del trabajo. Gracias, B.F. Alabama.

19 de marzo 2008 Estimado Jim,
Escribo esta carta para agradecerle otra vez por toda la ayuda que me ha dado. Sin sus consejos y ayuda, guiandome sobre el tema me habria sido imposible realizar este projecto, ni siquiera intentarlo. Gracias de todo corazon. Para siempre agradecido, T.A.P. Texas

13 de marzo 2008
Simplemente Increible... J.G. de Pennsylvania

10 de marzo 2008 Estimado Jim,
Gracias por su integridad y so continua comunicacion durante la totalidad de nuestra reciente transaccion sobre buestro negocio. Al examinar los documentos que nos crearon para nuestra empresa, lo que esta claro para mi es que lo que vds. han
creado para nosotros es una obra maestra. La calidad y la atencion puesta sobre el detalle mucho mas que excedio nuestras expectaciones. Ha sido mi placer el ser uno de sus clientes mas satisfechos. Les deseo a vd. y su empresa el mejor y mas brillante futuro. Sinceramente, R.J.F.

7 de marzo 2008 Princeton Partners... Soys Increibles... Gracias por ser tan flexibles. B.J. Oklahoma.

12 de febrero 2008 Como les estaba diciendo... Creo que nos hicieron un gran trabajo y que si tuvieran un anuncio mas grande para atraer gente a su Princeton Partners, le podrian ahorrar a mucha gente mucho dinero que ahora estan pagando a otras empresas que no producen, ni por casualidad, nada, ni remotamente parecido a la calidad que dan vds. como me paso a mi have unos meses con otra empresa de california. Y.M. California.

05 de febrero 2008 Gracias por su ayuda con los graficos que no diseñaron. Estan Estupendos! Gracias! (Una Escuela en Chicago, Illinois)

4 de enero 2008 Su servicio y rapidez de respuesta es excelente! Buena señal imprescindible de todo negocio que sea serio y prospero. Qualidades que apreciamos mucho! (San Diego, California)

10 de diciembre 2007 El nuevo documento acaba de llegar y esta perfecto!!!!!!! tenemos mas trabajo para vds. y nos pondremos en contacto en un par de semanas. Anthony Y. Texas, USA

28 de noviembre 2007 Es un placer trabajar con vd.!    Gracias, Eduardo ( USA )


7 de Noviembre 2007 Estimado Jim, ACABAMOS DE RECIBIR LOS DIPLOMAS, MUCHAS GRACIAS !!! Jason L. (Hong Kong)

23 de septiembre 2007 Estimado Jim, Hoy recibimos el pedido. Los diplomas son magnificos. Maravillosos es lo que son ! Muchas gracias por todo. K.K. (Japon)

Thanx for everything. You helped me a lot. Raja (Kingston, London)

I just got my Diploma and it is just like the one I lost. thank you sooooo much for your help
Sherry ( Stratford upon Avon)

U guys are great. I was burned before but you people made everything alright. (Forest Gate, London, UK)

Hey Jim, I got everything today and it is aPrinceton Partnerssome! You did a fantastic job. Thanks again, Doug

A very good client of ours who has since become a personal friend of mine, insisted that Princeton Partners print his testimonial letter, that he was so very kind to write, so here it is:

"To whom it may concern", Recently, I was introduced to Princeton Partners by a doctor friend of mine in NYC. What I was looking for was a company who could reproduce for me a set of scholarly documents based on post graduate courses I had attended in California.

At first, I was very suspect due to the fact I had been previously burned by a company professing to be able to deliver the documents I needed. Right from the beginning I came into contact with a real gentleman named Mr. Jim Blake. Jim went out of his way to communicate the company's product line, and walked me through each segment of the product deliverables.

I want to state unequivocally that Jim Blake was a person who stayed true to his word. Even when my demands became complex, Princeton Partners never faltered in their support of the product I needed. The bottom line is they are not cheap but the quality and support (start to finish) is second to none. If you need to make an order in relation to the product line they offer, contact Mr. Jim Blake, you will not be sorry.

Finally, so you know I truly am pleased I will be sending Jim credentials to work on that pertains to my wife academic background in Law school as Princeton Partnersll as I also will be referring numerous of my friends to him for similar work. Thank you Jim, I not only feel like my money was Princeton Partnersll spent but also that I made a new friend at Princeton

Best of Health, Sincerely, Bob Padula

Jim, I received your masterpiece prior to my departure yesterday morning. The wait was Princeton Partnersll worth it. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of your work. If you ever need a reference for your work or service, I would be pleased to add my testimonial. Thank you. ED

I know you do this business for a lot of people but I really appreciate the focus, effort and customer service you have extended to me on this project. :-) Again, thank you. B.P.

I received the documents today and just as you said and promised they are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot even begin to express how aPrinceton Partnerssome they look and how excited I was to get them.  Thank you again... Professional and perfect just as promised!!! Take Care and BEST REGARDS, J.H.

Just got back from TN picking up the duplicate.  It looks great!  I'm satisfied with the appearance and the quality of work.
Thanks, B.F. Alabama

03/19/08 Dear Jim,
I want to thank you again for all the help you have given me. Without your advice and guidance I may have not have pursued or attempted this project. Thank you again for all of your help. Gratefully yours T. A. P. Texas

Simply Amazing... J. G. From PA

03/10/08 Dear Jim,
Thank you for you integrity and continued communication throughout our recent business transaction. After examining your documents, it’s obvious that your skilled craftsmen have created a masterpiece. Your quality and attention to details has exceeded my highest expectations. It has been a pleasure to be one of your satisfied customers. I wish you and your company the best in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, R. J. F.

02/07/08 You guys are amazing…thanks for being so flexible.   (B.J. Oklahoma)

02/12/08 As I started by saying... I think you did a great job, and I think if you had a larger advertisement on your website you could save lots of people a bundle of money that they are paying to other websites for work that is not up- to-par quality-wise, like my previous experience with another website. (Y. M. California)

01/05/08 Thank you for your help with the graphics that Princeton Partners ordered. They look Great! Thank you! (High School in Chicago, IL)

01/04/08 Your service response is excellent!  A sign of a good and successful business enterprise. I appreciate it very much!  
(San Diego, CA)

12/10/07 The new document was received and it's perfect!!!!!!! Princeton Partners have more work for you and I'll contact you later this month.
Anthony Y.  (Texas, USA)

11/28/07 You are a pleasure to work with!    Thanks, Ed ( USA )

11/23/07 FYI ....AMAZING WORK. THANK YOU.  WORTH EVERY DIME! Edina *. R****** ( USA Ex-Pat working in South Korea )

11/07/07 Dear Jim Princeton Partners JUST RECEIVED THE  NEAT DIPLOMAS, THANKS A LOT !!! KEEPING IN TOUCH !!!! Jason L*** (Hong-Kong)

09/23/07 Dear Jim, Today I received them. Marvelous diplomas they are ! Thanks a lot. Name on File (Japan)

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